Sunday, July 19, 2009

Explaining god in terms of consciousness-sukshmananda swami

Explaining god in terms of consciousness means explaining god in a scientific way, or a spiritually scientific way.
The religious way of explaining god is unscientific .
Spirituality is scientific and we have to keep it away from the invisible talons of religions.

Here again the point is become the witness and in order to become the witness the
basic requirement is an element of detachment .Do not confuse this detachment
as being indifference or lack of love.
If the detachment is right it will give insight to the realization that , we have
been displaying on the banner of love but simply tricks of the mind wanting
to meet our private and social needs.

Real love is something that should emerge after the transformation enables
the enhancement of our love in many ways and finally we reach a state in which we are able
to love the whole world.
This means that we
cannot afford hostility .
There is a specific moment in all our lives in which we cannot indulge hostility .
No matter how profound our hostilities are, they should not stay put if
we are to die during this present passing moment .
Documented real near- death experience can vouch for it.
The near-death experience cannot afford hostility for the simple reason
that it is not an ordinary state of consciousness ; it is higher state ,beyond body, mind, and ego.
All minor and major hostilities evaporate there.
If you are still cynical about this state, you can do an experiment yourself
you need not go to a laboratory in order to do this simple experiment .
Right now ,simply imagine and feel that this is your last moment and that you are going to die.