Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What is a woman?- k santhoshkumar

This question is perhaps the most difficult question one could
answer completely and fully satisfactorily. What is a woman?

The answer to this question is multifaceted.
Not one answer would do justice to the word woman.
There are millions of answers to this question. Each answer varies from person to person.
Such a complex and faceless word is "woman", which is 100% faithful to the person it designates to.

To some woman is poetry. To some woman is embodiment of sex.
To some woman is mother, sister and all that shit.
Why this word woman does not have an identity of its own?

History could not tell why it is so. No novelist or poet could tell why it is so.
Not even God who created this weird looking creature fails to satisfy man with a complete definition to this word.
In a weak moment God created woman for man, they say.
Did He create this woman to give worry to Man?

If you ask me I would like to define woman this way:-

"Woman is both a pulp fiction and an encyclopedia of mysteries,
secrets and all the filth of the world, who can produce an exact replica of human being if possible."

I never could fathom the heart of any woman: be it my mother, sister, wife or lover, or my daughter.
Every one seems exactly the same.
some are acquainted faces, some are good looking only, some are just weird.

I don't know much about them though i have spent my life with a woman
and have women in my family too for more than 4 decades. Is it so with you all too?
Could anyone tell me what a woman is?