Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What is the food of a word uttered?- Abdul Raheem Puthiya Purayi

What is the food of a word uttered?

The food of a
word uttered is
The understanding of the listener.

Than food, where the word uttered will be sheltered?

The shelter of the word uttered is
In its practice by the listeners.

So, Master,
The role of the utterer?

If he really didn’t cook the word well before uttering,
If he really did not understand and mean
What he was uttering,
He will cause constipation
In the minds of its listener.

And if he has not uttered the food/words
According to the level of its listeners
(as breast milk to the babies and biriyany to grown up)
Again he will cause difficulties for the listeners.

More than holding undeserved listeners accountable

The utterer of the words to the undeserved
Have to be held accountable as a big culprit.

So, Master what about the blame on you….?

I am a wayfarer.
I cannot get stuck in the way.
So, troubles will come in my way
To make sure I am not stuck
And am moving or passing by only.

Any one who throws the dirt,
Will have to be already dirtied.

And since the wayfarer
Moves every now and then,
Without waiting for any one and any reaction,
It won’t reach me.

See the fate of the one
If the dirt he threw did not reach the other end….! ! !

He is getting dirtied again and again
With more of his anger and waste of energy.
Posted by Intuitions of the Womb

The real culprit is the one who has uttered the word

Words are spelt to give some meaning.

If not, they will be disowned
And will finally be orphaned to death
With no shelter and food.

Words could not be accommodated as well,
And sent to death thereby,
If the listeners were basically deaf,
Or were not knowing the word as such
For the reason that they do not belong to that tongue.

In both cases
The real culprit is
The one who has uttered that word.

Some seeds/words may get eaten up
Fast and immediate,
Such seed will have n
o further growth and future sessions.

Without knowing that their fate is minimized
Only to one such eating by some one,
Such seeds may get sheltered in pride.

Some seeds are ignor
ed to be thrown out,
But knows, that they have further more sessions of
Sprouting, growing and blooming/blossoming,
In their long run in the mud and soil,
To give birth to thousand
s of such seeds.