Wednesday, July 22, 2009

poem is a misunderstanding of meanings within the words- m k harikumar

Writing a poem is

Quite anachronistic.

The myriad misrepresentations of truths

And relativity of impressions.

The memory as a wall

In which no one can write .

It is a block.

A picture painted is not

Firm and reliable.

But the wall was

Rough and old.

A feel gives a glance to the

Still photographic views of mind.

Like the hopeless readings of

Ancient literature.

Everything has gone.

No word ,no sign remains.

It is a parting experience.

Forget to smile,cry and die.

Life without death is more newer and tasty with time!

A face unearthed from the mind is still a museum piece.

Nothing is a discovery.

It is human custom to Forget the past.

Love is also the withering

Element of the past.

Love is a spoiled spirituality And greed.

It is a whispering of hatred ,

Jeolous and suspicion.

Man is a caged being

In front of unlimited lust.

No poetry , no fiction is seen.

Poem is misunderstanding

Of meanings within the words.

The images are bygone .

The meanings are pretending

To be truthful.

The pictures in the verbal

Geography of words are

Silent and not alive.

Beauty is no more.

The images are false.

The moods are quite opposite.

Songs are not

Suited to the occasion.

It is cheating.



link :m k harikumar